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Independent Advocacy SA Inc promotes valued lives for individuals with an intellectual disability through persistent and values based social advocacy. We stand alongside the people we advocate for, challenging the abuses of their vulnerability and safeguarding improvements in their lives.

Who are the people we advocate for?

We advocate for people who have an intellectual disability or who are labeled or treated as having an intellectual disability and who we understand to be the most vulnerable people we hear about. (For information about eligibility please refer to our Entry, Referral & Exit Policy).

What do we do at IA?

  • We act, speak and write on behalf of a person;
  • We defend a person's well-being and safety;
  • We ask for meaningful participation in community and home life for individuals;
  • We strive to ensure a person's best interests are served, in line with our values.

Further Information;

If you are interested in gaining a better understanding of IA's work, then click on the documents below:

Annual Report 2016-2017
Getting Involved
Management Committee

  Promoting Valued Lives
For People with an Intellectual Disability