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A values driven organisation refers to an organisation that has undertaken a conscious process to clarify and document, and have reached shared agreement about, their values and mission. The values and mission become the foundation documents of the organisation and guide all work undertaken by the organisation. The aim of a values driven organisation is to strive to be coherent with its stated values and mission. This includes the style of work, the policies and practice and the moral underpinning of all decision making. (Dyke 1988)

This document was developed with members and staff through a deeply thoughtful and considered process; being cognisant of the work done by individuals with lived experience who were the foundation members of the organisation, and the underlying Social Role Valorisation principles and values defined by Wolf Wolfensberger.

The Our Values document articulates the values that have always been a part of the culture of Independent Advocacy and the values that have grown through advocacy action and understanding over time. It is an essential element of the framework from within which advocacy efforts are undertaken. We believe that principled, values driven, social advocacy carried out by valued persons is crucial to effectively addressing the exclusion, discrimination, exploitation and violation common in the lives of people with intellectual disabilities.

We strive to make all our decisions and behaviours consistent with Our Values. It provides a firm foundation for everything we do and say at Independent Advocacy. We are committed to remaining loyal at all levels to the people on whose behalf we speak, and whom we defend. In short, the way we work will model the way we would like the rest of society to function.

Our Values



The author of this document is unknown to us but we understand that it may be an adaptation of You and I written by Elaine Popovich. We thank the author/s for their clarity and directness in bringing the issues of institutionalised living and thinking into view. We consider that this writing provides a profound view of that which we strive to challenge and change in the lives of vulnerable people we serve.


  Promoting Valued Lives
for People with an Intellectual Disability