Independent Advocacy SA Inc

Promoting Valued Lives For People with an Intellectual Disability

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Independent Advocacy SA Inc. is a values driven, social advocacy organisation that specialises in working with individuals with intellectual disability who are marginalised and at risk of violence, abuse, neglect and exploitation. We stand alongside the people we advocate for, challenging marginalisation and safeguarding improvements in their lives.

Our model of Individual Social Advocacy is: Functioning (speaking, acting, writing) with minimum conflict of interest on behalf of the sincerely perceived interests of a person in order to promote, protect and defend the welfare of, and justice for, the individual. Advocacy strives to be emphatic and vigorous, and is actually, or is very likely to be, costly to the advocate.

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Individual Advocacy

At Independent Advocacy we undertake long term, relationship based, social advocacy. We respond to extreme vulnerability and complexity.

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Strategic Conversations

Strategic Conversations can assist in exploring issues of concern and are offered on a limited basis.

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A values driven organisation refers to an organisation that has undertaken a conscious process to clarify and document, and have reached shared agreement about, their values and mission.

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