Independent Advocacy SA Inc (IA) specialises in working with individuals who are most at risk of violence, abuse, neglect and exploitation. We advocate for individuals with an intellectual disability, and those labeled or treated as having an intellectual disability in response to extreme marginalisation and complexity.

We undertake a model of Social Advocacy that is long term, values driven and relationship based. Our advocacy efforts are primarily concerned with the fundamental needs of those individuals who are perceived to be most at risk, and who have few or no natural allies.

Through social advocacy, Independent Advocacy SA Inc. promotes the abilities, contributions and competence of people with a disability. Our intention and practice is to advocate in ways that are inclusive, non-discriminatory and sensitive to diversity.

We ensure longevity and consistency of advocacy through the allocation of a specific advocate for each individual. Each advocate is employed on the basis of making a long term commitment to the individuals they will advocate for, and a commitment to work within the organisation’s values and social advocacy framework.

What initially presents as a single, isolated issue at the point of entry frequently extends into a complexity of issues due to the ongoing marginalisation that people with intellectual disability often experience in their lives. Thus, rarely do we respond with single solutions to single issues. We aim to respond with an approach, which is comprehensive, assesses and addresses the complex issues in the individual's life and encompasses the broadest context.