Membership Management, & Volunteering

Independent Advocacy SA Inc. advocates for positive change in the lives of individuals with intellectual disability. It promotes valued lives for people with intellectual disability and particularly the inclusion of people with intellectual disability in the community as valued members.

Persons interested in supporting the work of Independent Advocacy can become involved through general membership and if seeking a volunteer opportunity through participation on the Management Committee. Members of the Management Committee must be members of Independent Advocacy.

A person is qualified to be a member of Independent Advocacy if, and only if;

  • The person is a natural person,
  • Not as representative of another organisation or service,
  • Who supports the objects of the association,
  • Agrees to be bound by its rules,
  • And embraces the values of the organisation.

The work of the Committee is;

  • To set the strategic direction of the organisation,
  • Manage its assets and liabilities’
  • And act as an employer of the organisation’s staff to effectively achieve its goals.

The Committee works within the stated values and intent of the organisation.

Application for general membership and nomination for the management committee must be in writing and proposed and seconded by two members of the association. There is no subscription fee for membership.

Membership of Independent Advocacy;

  • is an opportunity to support advocacy efforts that respond to extreme vulnerability and complexity for and on behalf of vulnerable people with intellectual disability who are most at risk of ongoing abuse, discrimination, harm and neglect,
  • includes an Annual Report that speaks to the work of the organisation over each twelve month period,
  • offers the opportunity to attend Annual General Meetings, which includes the opportunity to discuss issues relevant to the vulnerable people we serve, and supports the organisation in meeting its incorporation and funding responsibilities.

Participation on Management Committee;

  • is an opportunity to learn more about the lived lives of vulnerable individuals with intellectual disability,
  • offers the opportunity for members to actively support advocacy efforts for the vulnerable individuals we serve,
  • builds a greater understanding of social advocacy and the efforts we undertake,
  • is a head and heart journey,
  • challenges your thoughts and feelings,
  • provides opportunity to engage in training and development including Social Role Valorization (SRV) and governance training,
  • supports the organsiation in meeting its incorporation and funding obligations.