Meet the team

Independent Advocacy recruits staff and management committee members through rigorous and somewhat intensive processes.

For Management Committee members the following is required before confirmation of selection:

  • A written response to a series of questions
  • An initial interview
  • Follow up attendance at a committee meeting

Selection of staff members includes each of the following:

  • a written response to selection criteria
  • a group meeting to strategise advocacy action
  • a written response to an advocacy scenario
  • an individual interview by the selection panel.

Our recruitment processes are designed to identify persons who best demonstrate the head and heart for the work we undertake. Vacancies are advertised through local print media and online.

Management Committee members are engaged as needed and required and typically remain with the organisation for many years. Staff are employed on a part time, typically permanent basis in recognition of a work and personal life balance, the cost of the work of advocacy and the value of providing work opportunities for more people.

Advocacy Team

Fiona Campbell - Manager

Ryan Horton - Senior Advocate

Jade Standish - Individual Advocate

Rachael Harris - Individual Advocate

Management Committee

Silvana Gant - Chairperson

David Gant - Treasurer

Gavin Haese - Committee Member

Ali Hankinson - Committee Member

David Elder - Committee Member

Robyn Byrne - Committee Member

Administration Team

Michael Cowley - Office Manager